Grants Program

The Colonial Foundation's funding position remains the same as advised on the Home Page of our website.  We are not accepting any unsolicited approaches from organisations seeking funding at this time.  We intend to communicate on matters relating to any changes on our current granting capacity via our website, we suggest that you revisit our website periodically for further information regarding any possibility for a change to our current funding capacity.  Colonial Foundation Trust has adopted a three-tier approach to grant allocations:

        Tier 1: Flagship Program
        Tier 2: Major Projects
        Tier 3: General Grants Program
The Foundation seeks out applications for Tiers 1 and 2 by invited tender. 
Applications for Tier 3 grants may be made at any time through initial enquiry to the Foundation's Executive Officer. 

Tier 1: Flagship Program

The Foundation will fund a "flagship" grant where a commitment will be made to a particular project. For the period from 2002 to at least 2013, the Foundation has determined to make a commitment of at least $30 million to address the needs of youth mental health by supporting ORYGEN Research Centre.

Tier 2: Major Projects

The Foundation will commit to supporting major projects each for at least a five-year period with grants in the order of $5 million per project. Examples of these grants are the Drugs Policy Modelling Program and the Gateway Program.

Tier 3: General Grants Program

The Foundation's General Grants Program has been established to make individual grants up to $200,000 per annum for each project. However, submissions for larger grants will be considered. General grants may be awarded in areas other than the priority area of assisting young people to achieve their potential. However submissions in this priority area may be given preference. Examples of projects supported under the General Grants Program are:
        funding of $100,000 per annum for six years to Oxford Houses for a drug and alcohol recovery and support service
        grants of $250,000 per annum to Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships for Aboriginal capacity building, and
        a six year program of support at $150,000 per annum for the mapping of the lymphatic system conducted at The Royal Melbourne
         Hospital and The University of Melbourne. 

Foundation's Grant Making Philosophy

In assessing potential projects for funding of the Foundation will take into account:
                     the potential significance of the area being addressed and the likelihood of broad community benefit
                     the gravity of a problem and the scale of potential benefits from successful outcomes of the project (leverage, or multiplier
                      effect), including the ability to attract additional resources from the public or private sector
                     sharing of improved knowledge so that others may benefit
                     sustainability of the improvements or advances sought
                     the opportunity to build the capacity of the organisation(s) operating the particular program
                     an opportunity for a significant role for the Foundation in the project in partnership with a well qualified specialist

Other Relevant Factors

Longer-term projects: The Foundation recognises that many projects need to be for a substantial term if they are to succeed. The Foundation encourages longer-term (three to five years) partnerships.
Prevention: Programs which attempt to identify and deal with the cause of a problem are favoured over those that treat after-effects.
Community Resources: Projects that have a community flow-on effect, by calling on qualified volunteers, or making use of community resources, allowing people to contribute to their community are preferred.
Skill base: The Foundation favours working with not-for-profit organisations or individuals with the skills, track record and commitment to accomplish the work proposed.
Feasibility: Programs or projects that are perceived to be of benefit to the community and that can translate into, and have a reasonable likelihood of encouraging, changes in policy or practice are encouraged.
Geography: Given the scarce amount of funding available, Foundation funds are usually directed to projects within Australia.


In general, the Colonial Foundation will not support:
                     areas considered to be the direct responsibility of government
                     general fund raising projects or appeals
                     overseas travel, study or conferences (unless incidental to a project being funded)
                     direct funding to individuals
                     other foundations, trusts and philanthropic organizations to fund their general objectives
                     intermediate fund raising agencies
                     mainstream school-based educational work
                     funding deficits
                     capital equipment, works or building appeals (unless part of a specific project being funded by the Foundation)

The Foundation will not fund political activities.


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